Your Life Matters

Made To Change The World

Your Life Matters.


 Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for one person, you, to make a real difference in this world?


Before you answer, watch this video..

Video from the 2013 Television Series “The Bible” By Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.


 Since that day when Jesus walked the earth with Peter and 11 disciples, there are now:

Copy of Since that day when Jesus walked the earth with Peter and 12 other apostles, there are now_.png

7.5 Billion

people on this earth

323 Million

people currently live in the United States


2 Billion

of earth’s inhabitants are Christians

70 Percent

of people In the u.s. claiming to be Christian



Jesus, Peter and 11 apostles changed the lives of billions of people since that day on the boat - it changed the world!

Does that mean the world changing is over?

No, it has only just begun!

Jesus said we would do even greater works than He. As Peter was challenged to follow Jesus every day and in every way, so are we. Only God knows the impact he has planned for each one of us in the world.


Most people live what Chuck Swindoll calls a ‘settled-for-life’. God has much bigger plans for you.



Find and follow your purpose in life

What’s your current impact on the world?