For a short time you can get two powerful tools to help you in your Christian walk.

One of the biggest challenges people face when following God is to know His purpose for them and how to live it.

“Directions for Life” and the “Directions for Life Workbook” are incredibly impactful tools that will help you clearly know and follow God’s purpose for your life.


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Directions for life |BOOK|

by: Coach Brian Williams

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directions for life |workbook|

Coach Brian Williams

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What is the book and workbook about?

There is a purpose and plan for each and every one of us each day of our lives that we are on this earth.  Unfortunately, most people not only are off track in living it, they don’t even know what it is. As Zig Ziglar said, many people have become a “Wandering Generality instead of a Meaningful Specific.” 

A little over 20 years ago, I was off track.  Although I grew up in church and was a “Christian”, I was miserable in life.  I was not living the way I should have been and didn’t even know what path to take.  Over time, God transformed me and showed me His purpose for me and my mission to achieve while on this earth.  He also helped me put in place the ways to manage time, set my direction (goals) based on His plan, and to succeed His way.

Before you can know you are on God’s path in your daily walk, it’s important to start with a bigger picture.  You need to know and commit to the purpose God has for you. This is your “mission” to achieve while here on earth by following the dreams and visions God has put in your heart.  

Once you have written these out and you are confident in God’s commitment to you, and your commitment to Him, you can fulfill His plan for your life.  This is done through praying, planning, organizing and managing what you need to follow Him each step along the path. It is teamwork with God. He won’t just move everything on your behalf when you sit around watching TV.  He doesn’t expect you to be successful on your own. However, He will open the doors as you walk with Him.

“Directions for Life” is written to help you discover God’s purpose for your life and know your mission so you can achieve it as you walk with Him.  It will help you get excited about the vision God gives you then help you take practical steps to getting it done as you walk by faith each step along the way.  This book is simple and easy to follow, but can be life changing.


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These books will help you solidify the purpose God has given you. If you do not find any of these resources helpful, e-mail for a full refund and still keep the books